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Publications in 2013

Publications in 2013

A02. Scientific articles in reviewed scientific periodicals, included into Master Journal List of Science Citation Index (SCI) of Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) base.

1.Buchovska J., Danusevicius D., Stanys V., Šikšnianienė J.B., Kavlaliauskas D. 2013. The location of the northern glacial refugium of Scots pine based on mitochondrial DNA markers. Baltic Forestry (accepted).

2.Danusevičius D., Buhowska J., Stanys V., Šikšnianianė J., Marozas V., Bendokas V. 2013. DNA marker based identification of spontaneous hybrids between Pinus mugo and Pinus sylvestris at the Lithuanian sea-side. Nordic journal of botany, 31: 001–009. doi: 10.1111/j.1756-1051.2012.01575.x.

3.Frercks B., Stanys V., Siksnianiene J.B, Stepulaitiene I., Gelvonauskiene D., Staniene G., Rugienius R., Siksnianas T., Bobinas C. 2013. AFLP based molecular characterisation of sweet cherry genotypes. Horticultural science, (pateikta spaudai).

4.Jankauskienė J., Brazaitytė A., Bobinas Č., Duchovskis P. 2013. Effect of transplant growth stage on tomato productivity. Acta scientiarum Polonorum, Hortorum cultus, 12(2): 143-152.

5.Rugienius R., Blažytė A., Lukoševičiūtė V., Šikšnianienė J.B., Frerks B., Gelvonauskienė D., Gelvonauskis B., Sasnauskas A., Baniulis D., Stanys V. 2013. Genetic polymorphism of wild pear population in Lithuania. Baltic forestry (priimta spaudai).

6.Sakalauskaitė J., Viskelis P., Dambrauskienė E., Sakalauskienė S., Samuolienė G., Brazaitytė A., Duchovskis P., Urbonavičienė D. 2013. The effects of different UV-B radiation intensities on morphological and biochemical characteristics in Ocimum basilicum L. Journal of the science of food and agriculture, 93(6): 1266-1271.

7.Sakalauskienė S., Sakalauskaitė J., Lazauskas S., Povilaitis V., Auškalnienė O., Pšibišauskienė G., Samuolienė G., Brazaitytė A., Duchovskis P.. 2013. Interactive effects of elevated CO2, temperature and water stress on Apera spica- venti L. Journal of food, agriculture & environment, 11(1): 1121-1124.

8.Samuolienė G., Brazaitytė A., Sirtautas R., Viršilė A., Sakalauskaitė J., Sakalauskienė S., Duchovskis P. 2013. LED illumination affects bioactive compounds in romaine baby leaf lettuce. Journal of the science of food and agriculture, doi: 10.1002/jsfa.6173,(online)

9.Baranauskienė R., Venskutonis P. R., Dambrauskienė E., Viškelis P. 2013. Harvesting time influencesthe yield and oil composition of Origanum vulgare L. Ssp. Vulgare and ssp. Hirtum. Industrial Crops and products, 49: 43-51.

10.Olle M., Viršilė A. 2013. The effects of light-emitting diode lighting on greenhouse plant growth and quality. Agricultural and Food Sciences, 22: 223-234.

11.Samuolienė G., Brazaitytė A., Jankauskienė J., Viršilė A., Sirtautas R., Novičkovas A., Sakalauskienė S., Sakalauskaitė J., Duchovskis P. 2013. LED irradiance level affects growth and nutritional quality of Brassica microgreens. Central European Journal of Biology, 8 (12): 1241-1249.

12.Radzevičius A., S. Sakalauskienė, M. Dagys, R. Simniškis, R. Karklelienė, Č. Bobinas, P. Duchovskis. 2013. The effect of strong microwave electric field radiation on: (1) vegetable seed germination and seedling growth rate. Žemdirbystė-Agriculture, 100(2): 179-184.

Other scientific articles, published in scientific periodicals (with ISSN index), included into international science data bases or into the Internet catalogues of the most important scientific literature publishing houses

1.Bendokas V., Mazeikiene I., Baniulis D., Stanys V., Siksnianas T. 2013. Application of P gene donors in breeding of black currant resistant to gall mite. Acta horticulturae, 976: 523-527.

2.Gelvonauskienė D., Frercks B., Stepulaitienė I., Stanys V. 2013. Diversity of resistance to Monilinia laxa and spring frost of sour cherry germplast. Acta horticulturae (ISHS), 976: 537-542.

3.Gelvonauskis B., Labokas J., Zilinskaitė S., Gelvonauskienė D., Česonienė L. 2013. Conservation and use of fruit genetic resources in Lithuania. Acta horticulturae (ISHS), 976: 191-197

4.Liegiute S., Bendokas V., Sasnauskas A., Liobikas J., Majiene D., Kopustinskiene D.M., Siksnianas T., Anisimovienė N., Trumbeckaite S. 2013. Antioxidative and antimicrobial activity of Anthocyanin-rich extracts from small fruits of blackcurrant and cherry. Acta Horticulturae (ISHS), In press

5.Lukoseviciute V., Gelvonauskienė D., Baniulis D., Frercks B., Sasnauskas A., Stanys V., Rugienius, R. 2013. Characterization of pear (Pyrus communis) cultivars from Lithuania using microsatellite markers. Acta Horticulturae 976: 257-263.

6.Sikorskaite S., Gelvonauskiene D., Bendokas V., Stanys V., Baniulis D. 2013. Malus sp. – V. inaequalis interaction characteristics among accessions of apple genetic resources. Acta horticulturae (ISHS), 976: 567-572

Scientific articles in reviewed scientific periodicals, continued or single publications,

1)Bundinienė O., Starkutė R., Zalatorius V., Kavaliauskaitė D.2013. Effect of watering and main fertilization rates on productivity and storage of intensively grown onion. (Str. issiustas i konferencija, vyksiancia 2013-11-28-29 d., ASU “The sixt international scientific conference Rural Development 2013 Innovations and sustainability).

2)Bundinienė O., Starkutė R., Zalatorius V., Kavaliauskaitė D.2013. Influence fertilizers with humic substances on productivity of carrots. (išsiųstas į 19-th Baltic Agronomy Forum, vyksiantį 2013-07-4-5 d ASU ir LAMMC ZI)

Scientific monographs

1)Cramer W., Yamashita E., Hasan S., Bani[c]ulis D. 2013. Cytochrome b6f complex. In Roberts G. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Biophysics (Vol. 1), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, 417- 422.