Institute of Horticulture LAMMC
Kaunas st. 30, Babtai, LT-54333, Kaunas dist.
Company code 302474014
VAT number LT100005122310
Phone 8 37 555 210
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Laboratory of Plant Protection

Laboratory of Plant Protection

Alma Valiuškaitė

Head of Laboratory,
Senior Researcher
Dr. Alma Valiuškaitė
tel.: 8 37 555 217;

Research staff:

Dr. Elena Survilienė-Radzevičė Senior Researcher tel.: 8 37 555 217;
Plant protection
Dr. Laisvūnė Duchovskienė Researcher tel.: 8 37 555 217;
Dr. Neringa Rasiukevičiūtė Researcher tel.: 8 37 555 217;
Armina Morkeliūnė PhD student tel.: 8 37 555 217
Lina Šernaitė PhD student tel.: 8 37 555 217


Research topics

•Significant research areas include: research on the biology, ecology and diversity of horticultural pathogen and pest species, abundance and distribution of pathogen and pest populations, epidemiology of diseases;

•Biological studies on relatively new pathogen and pest species appearing in relation with changing climate;

•Development of forecasting methods of harmful organisms and integrated plant protection of horticultural crops;

•Research on the efficiency of forecasting models for pests and diseases in horticultural plants under Lithuanian climatic conditions using internet forecasting system iMETOS®sm (Pessl Instrumental, Austria);

•Investigating reasonable plant protection techniques for organic farming and monitoring of pathogen and pest populations in horticultural plants;

•Efficacy trials of the new plant protection products according to GEP (Good Experimental Practice) standards.