Institute of Horticulture LAMMC
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About us


Old building

An experimental station for horticultural crops was founded in 1938 in Dotnuva and moved to Vytėnai near Kaunas in 1940. The experimental station was renamed into Vytėnai experimental station (I. Michurin) in 1956.

Babtai centre

Vytėnai Experimental Station was moved to a new experimental site in Babtai in 1968.

Modern building

The experimental station was reorganized into the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture in 1987 and it was granted state institution status in 1992.


Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry was established in 2010 as a merger of three related research institutions (LIA, LIH, LIF).

The key research objectives and directions:

Biotechnological approach for improvement of resistance to biotic and abiotic factors in horticultural plants, identification of specific genes, development of molecular markers.

Complex effect of climate and environment changes in agricultural ecosystems.

Accumulation of primary and secondary metabolites in horticultural plants depending on environmental conditions.

Evaluation of morphogenetic and photophysiological effects in horticultural plants, important for increase of productivity potential and quality.

– Development of monitoring system of phytopathogens and pests in horticultural plants.

– Development of novel, safe to environment, organic and competitive plant growing technologies.

– Evaluation of changes in biologically valuable compounds, contaminants and quality of processed fruits, vegetables and berries, optimization of storage and processing technology for development of innovative products and technologies.

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