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Doctoral Training and Postdoctoral Research

Doctoral training and postdoctoral research

1. Defence of doctoral theses, list of doctoral dissertations in 2009–2013 and present employment

Name (given name and family name) Topic of dissertation Month/year of studies enrolment Month/year approval of dissertation Field of research Form of study (full time or part time) Language of dissertation (not summary)
Vanda Lukoševičiūtė Characterization of cold acclimation and cold hardiness of strawberry in vitro and in vivo 01/2007 12/2013 A Full LT
Inga Stepulaitienė Development of sour cherry generative organs and formation of spring frost resistance 01/2009 11/2013 A Full LT
Ramunė Bobinaitė Phytochemical, biological and technological evaluation of raspberry cultivars grown in Lithuania 09/2006 10/2012 C Full EN
Akvilė Viršilė Photophysiological effects on the metabolite dynamics in green vegetables and sprouts 01/2006 05/2012 A Full LT
Sandra Sakalauskienė The modelling of complex impact of changing climate and environmental factors on pea physiological indices 01/2007 12/2011 A Full LT
Audrius Radzevičius Evaluation and selection of tomato varieties in order to bread heterosic hybrids 01/2007 12/2011 A Full LT
Vidmantas Bendokas Inheritance and genetic control of apple canopy architecture 01/2006 04/2011 A Full LT
Gintarė Šabajevienė The management of apple photosynthesis indexes and morphogenesis processes in the high density 12/2004 11/2009 A Full LT
Jurga Sakalauskaitė Integrated impact of climatic and anthropogenic factors on radish (Raphanussativus L.) photosynthesis 12/2004 03/2009 A Full LT

2. Postdoctoral research

Name (given name and family name) Topic of postdoctoral research Beginning of postdoctoral research (year/month) End of postdoctoral research (from year/month) Field of Research Where was doctoral degree awarded (title of institution, country)
Ramunė Bobinaitė Exploration and application of electroporation for the extraction of biologically active compounds from raw materials of plant origin 2013/03 2015/02 T Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Raimondas Raudonius Production technology optimization and quality assessment of dry extracts of phenolic rich medicinal herbal raw materials 2013/03 2015/02 T Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania
Sandra Sakalauskienė Plant antioxidant system response to the stress effect 2013/03 2015/02 A Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Audrius Radzevičius Study of tomato fruit ripening processes in non-destructive method 2013/03 2014/02 A Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania
Jurga Sakalauskaitė Alteration of medicinal and aromatic plant material quality under changing environment condition 2011/01 2012/12 A AleksandrasStulginskis University, Lithuania
Algirdas Novičkovas Development of solid-state lighting technologies for greenhouses and phytotrons 2009/10 2011/09 T Vilnius University, Lithuania